The VISHN Network hosts three separate Homelessness conferences per year. These are held in different locations throughout the Kulin Nations to ensure all of Victoria’s communities are given equal opportunity to host and partake in the event.

Homelessness Services


We are aware that homelessness is a complicated issue that has a number of underlying causes. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are grossly over represented in homelessness statistics with inadequate supports in place to combat this. We are able to provide advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are homeless or at danger of becoming so, through our services, programs and initiatives.

housing crisis

Housing Crisis

Every person deserves to have a safe space to reside. As Indigenous people shift from daily survival to long-term living, we strive to help them with their urgent needs and move forward towards positive life outcomes.

family violence

Family Violence

Nobody should feel unsafe in their own home, yet more individuals than we realise are impacted by domestic and family violence. Through safety planning we provide the support to vulnerable individuals by supporting them to engage with the appropriate family violence pathways.